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Spinach Oatmeal Tortillas | 4 Packs of 8 Tortillas (32 Tortillas)

Spinach Oatmeal Tortillas | 4 Packs of 8 Tortillas (32 Tortillas)


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Oatmeal Tortillas You’ll ❤️ 
  • Spinach Oatmeal Tortillas: Enjoy the rich earthiness of spinach brought to life with the nutty undertones of oatmeal.
  • Health & Wellness Choice: Opt for these EZ Oats oatmeal tortillas as an alternative to corn or white flour tortillas. No wheat. 
  • Heat & Eat Convenience: These tortillas are ready to elevate your favorite dishes, whether crafting mouthwatering quesadillas, delectable enchiladas, flavorful wraps, or even innovative pizzas.
  • Versatile Culinary Creations: Make an egg wrap for breakfast, whip up a chicken quesadilla for lunch, bake into chips for a quick snack, and create tacos for dinner.
  • Simple & Wholesome Ingredients: Crafted with care by Cinthya, these tortillas contain no artificial colors, are entirely vegan, and comprise all-natural ingredients: oat flour, water, spinach, Himalayan pink salt, guar gum, potassium sorbate & sodium propionate (preservatives). Baked in a factory that handles wheat and soy ingredients. May also contain wheat. 
  • Convenient Storage & Enjoyment: Keep your stash of EZ Oats tortillas in the freezer for up to one year or refrigerate for 60 days. Quick thawing on your countertop makes them readily available whenever cravings strike.


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