This is our story.

How it all started


When my family and I began going to the gym, we had to change our diets for
the better. There was a strict eating regiment that we had to stick to and attempt to
make different combinations. There was only a few items that we were allowed to 
eat and it became difficult, so I began researching what kind of clean
carbohydrates we could eat and yet still follow our diets to a “T.” My family being
Hispanic, were accustomed to eating starchy tortillas with every meal and yet
coming from a family that has had diabetes for generations. I wanted to break the
cycle and do something about it. I started researching healthy alternatives to corn
based tortillas and made the discovery of OATMEAL tortillas. These were a game
changer to me and my family, because at last we had found something that was
familiar to our old diet and yet was good for us. After many attempts of trial and
error, I found the perfect recipe that had the feel of corn tortillas but was a
delicious alternative. After having my family try them and falling in love, I gave
some to my friends at the gym to try and incorporate into their diets. They went
crazy for them. Next thing I knew, I was receiving messages from people at
different gyms that had heard great things about the tortillas and wanted to place
an order to save them from the same boring food they had to eat every day. My
family urged me to start an oatmeal tortilla business to help people turn a new
leaf in their diets and help people break generational health issues just like me.

- Cinthya Espinoza

EZ Oats Founder